We're taking off soon… hopefully ;)

Our team aims to build things that are meaningful. We focus on creating ways for people to interact with one another and making tools to empower accomplishment. Our products are driven by innate curiosity and a desire for a life full of amusement.

Wheels Up

products in the wild!

Short Story RPG: a group storytelling experience for everyone.

Turn your next gathering into an adventure.

Mobility on Demand: an easy way for athletes to keep up with their mobility.

30 mobility exercises conveniently packaged in a well-organized card deck.

Ignite Ticket Swap: a secondhand market for event tickets.

Ignite Boulder sells out every single time. Missed the window to buy a ticket? Let us help you find someone who bought a ticket and can't go.

The Shipyards

upcoming flights

Valour: a tabletop boardgame chronicling the final days of Gaul.

Take the helm of a tribe of gallic warriors against the inevitability of Rome and make your name for yourself in the history books.

Project T: a throwback web experiment.

Currently in Private Beta! Releasing Q4 of 2016.


top researchers are currently working out what will it will take to make these fly!

Board Game Design Consultation: incredible feedback on your design and ecosystem

Details coming soon.